Why work with me?

I am Reggie Beatz, I am 27 years old this year and I have been making beats since 2009. I made my first online sale in 2016 April on Youtube.
Before quitting my job in 2018, I was working as a software developer as I am a qualified IT Specialist but after making $3000 consistently by selling beats and youtube ads, I decided to quit and focus on selling beats full time.

…still did not abandon my IT or technology skills because I knew the skill will come in handy as we live in the internet age. I have studied and researched that Every industry is implementing technology to generate revenue, and officer customer services, which will also lead to more revenue. Fusing my beat-making skills and IT skills made me a beast in selling beats online!

Throughout this journey, I have learned gained valuable knowledge through hard work, research, trial, and error, and other sacrifices that you might not have the time or capacity to do. What took me 10 years don’t have to take you the same years as I will be sharing the knowledge with you.

I learned how to do internet marketing from Udemy, which took me 5 hours to complete, I could’ve tried to figure it out by myself and succeed but that would take me 6 months to a year. You should invest that time in making your product or figuring out what hasn’t been done yet.

Here are some of my achievements

I have over 45 000 subscribers on my beat channel on Youtube.

I have made over $52,380.82 by selling beats online

I have made over $29,187.56 by on Youtube Adenses

Produced a song that has over 1 million views

I am a founder of PRBMTiC Productions Studio IN South Africa

Rates 5-star on a popular freelance website

What i offer

  • Selling Beats Online
  • Beat & Vocal Mixing and mastering
  • Beat Sellin Website Creation
  • Selling beats on YouTube
  • Selling beats on Instagram
  • Email Marketing
  • Mixing and mastering

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