What is Beat Licensing?

Beat Licensing

Beat licensing refers to the process of allowing artists and other music professionals to legally use your beats in their own music or other creative projects. This can be a good way to generate revenue and increase exposure for your work as a producer. There are several options for licensing your beats. You can offer […]

The difference between Beat Lease vs Exclusive Rights : Which one to choose

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With more and more independent artists and producers on the rise, it is important to know the difference between leasing and buying beats to protect yourself from future possible legal problems.  Whenever you try to purchase a beat from an online beat store, you will be requested to choose between a lease and an exclusive […]

What beat license to buy


What beat license to buy?   With the hottest beats being lease online, you have no choice but to cop them, it’s important to know what license you are buying and if its the right license for what you are trying to archive so you can avoid legal problems and overspending.    The popular licenses […]