Complete Guide To Selling Beats On Youtube in 2022 PDF

Selling beats on Youtube is not dead and it is not close to dying anytime soon, Youtube might be saturated but can still stand out and be part of the “few” that are really making money from selling beats online.¬† I have put my 7 years expires in selling beats online into a form of a PDF to help music producers like you to make a living by selling beats online.

This guide contains All the methods I’ve used to sell over 1000+ beats and grow my YouTube channel to 46000 Subscribers.¬† Even thou the main aim is not to chose placements but this same guide has landed me 2 placements by JaliyahMa.

This PDF Guide Consists of the following

  • Market Research – How to identify your sound – VERY IMPORTANT
  • Platforms/Websites to sell beats – Type of beat store to sell beats
  • How to Drive traffic to your website/Beat store on youtube
  • Media Creation
  • YouTube Title, Description Tags Thumbnails
  • Copyright¬† & Content ID

More topics that i break down in the PDF

  • How to identify your sound and target market
  • How to take advantage of the YouTube Algorithm to Rank your beats
  • How to create a beat store for FREE
  • Beat Title and Descriptions Snippets