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5 Tips to Record Your Vocals

Engineers and producers can’t make magic happen, so if you need good quality, you need to play your role as the performer and I have compiled a list of tips for you. 

  1. Rehearse the song
    • When you recording a song, you have to perform the song, not read it. Rehearsing your lines before hitting the studio will play a big role in how your recording will sound. Rapping or singing your lines over and over will make you find even better ways to deliver them. 
  2. Memorize your lines
    • Knowing your lines by head is recommended. This will help you focus all your energy and creativity on the delivery (flow and cadence) of the song. If you want to spend less money at the studio then you gotta get this step right so you can just hit one take and you out. 
  3. Face the mic
    • This method will work if you have done step 2. Facing the mic and projecting your voice towards the mic instead of your phone will help you get the cleanest and meatiest audio. This will make the mixing process smoother as no frequencies were lost in the audio. 
  4. Minimize movement
    • When the track is banging in your headphones, it’s natural to want to vibe and bounce around the mic but you should save that for performance because too much movement can affect the recording quality. 
  5. Be on key
    • If you are singing or your song has some musical elements to it, make sure you sing on key, don’t expect engineers to make magic. You need to like the song before it’s even mixed. There is a saying that says you can’t polish a tard meaning that if the recording is not good, it cant be fixed in post production.

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